Movie Nights at Woodburn Pediatric Clinic

Informational films for parents, family, and educators

Join us each Tuesday or Thursday for educational films about raising or working with children.

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123 Magic | Woodburn Pediatric Clinic


Thursday, March 22nd

This award winning, best selling program provides practical and easy-to-learn parenting techniques that WORK for children ages 2-12. You won’t need to study child psychology to understand the simple steps in the program and get results quickly!

Control Obnoxious Behavior. Learn a simple technique to get your kids to STOP doing what you don’t want them to do (whining, arguing, tantrums, sibling rivalry, etc.).
Encourage Good Behavior. Learn several effective methods to get your kids to START doing what you do want them to do (cleaning rooms, going to bed, homework, etc.).

Manage Independence and Self-Esteem. Learn powerful techniques that reinforce your bond with your children.

You will also learn:

  • 10 strategies for building self-esteem
  • How to manage the Six Kinds of Testing and Manipulation
  • How to manage the Six Kinds of Testing and Manipulation
  • How to handle misbehavior in public
  • How to avoid the Talk-Persuade-Argue-Yell-Hit Syndrome