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Misunderstood Minds | Woodburn Pediatric Clinic

Misunderstood Minds: Searching for Success in School

Thursday, November 27th

This is a deeply moving and personal look into the lives of five children and their families as the deal with the puzzling mysteries presented by their unique learning differences. See how bright, articulate Nathan masked his inability to read by memorizing. Find out why Lauren’s social isolation provided experts with vital clues about her learning problem. See how undiagnosed learning problems led Adam on a downward spiral towards drugs, alcohol and crime.

Many of these children don’t fit any clinical diagnosis, but for some reason, they aren’t learning. Though these children may be suffering from debilitating learning problems, they are often mistakenly called “lazy” or “stupid” by teachers, classmates, and even by their families. Misunderstood Minds illustrates the emerging view that specific identification and customized management of learning problems is the key to success for many children.